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Business English classes take place at ISE Brighton all year round as evening classes and can be combined with a General English classes for a full time course. 

Please check our current timetable.

Studying on a Business English course is valuable for anybody who uses English at work or would like to improve their English at work as it provides you with the necessary skills to communicate professionally and accurately in the workplace. 

ISE offer Business English classes, leading to Cambridge Business English Certificate (BEC), the internationally recognised qualification that shows employers your skills for using English in the workplace. There are three different levels of BEC exam: BEC Preliminary, BEC Vantage and BEC Higher. 

Please see our timetable for evening Business English classes which may be combined with other classes to form a full time programme. It is not obligatory to take the exam if you prefer just to attend the Business course. 

Business English is usually available for 6 hours per week on the ISE Brighton timetable, so it is usually combined with a General English course, though this is not necessary. 

Who should study Business English or take the BEC exam?

BEC is an ideal English language exam for anyone who has a professional job or is preparing for a professional career.

Students of Business English at ISE are typically post-graduates looking for a globally recognised qualification that demonstrates a recognised level of professional English. If you already have a degree and want to add the Cambridge Business English certificate to your CV, the BEC qualification is an excellent and accessible option. 

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Class structure

In a maximum class size of 10 students, Business English improves both written and spoken Business skills. It includes a comprehensive range of business documentation and situational language. Students practice and develop interview and face to face skills, taking examples from real life business scenarios together with useful business language for meetings, sales, presentations, negotiations and deals.

Students cover topics including; Travel & Tourism, Marketing, Operations, Finance, Human Resources, Hotel & Catering, Corporate Strategy and Innovation. 

In the build up to the exam, class focus shifts more onto exam techniques with past exam papers practised under exam conditions and a review of modules covered in the syllabus. 

How can I join?

The course can be joined at anytime, as classes run continuously with a suggested study period of 12 weeks sufficient to prepare for an exam. Students should have an existing English level of high B1 or B2 before joining the Business English course. Please contact the school if you are interested in joining Business English.

If you are already in Brighton, come to visit us at 34 Duke Street to arrange a free trial lesson - try before you buy!



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