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Struggling how to learn English language or grammar? Bored of trying to make sense of the language? Why not try a new fun approach?

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Here are a few ways you can choose from, to make learning English more fun and productive:

Learn with You Tube channels

YouTube has some excellent sources to help you learn a new language including English. Here are 9 fun and innovative channels to learn English on YouTube :

Learn from Games

Playing word games online, with your friends and on a board like Scrabble, Build Words, Word Search, Crossword Puzzles, Words with Friends etc. is a fun and brilliant way of learning the English language and firming up your vocabulary and conversational skills. Buy aboard game and invite your friends or classmates to play it with you. You can also play scrabble online and various other games through websites like Face Book, for example Words with Friends.

Listen to music

Music can put anyone in a good mood, and listening to English music with lyrics, can help you learn in a fun way. Lots of times we get song lyrics stuck in our heads and fortunately we can use this as a learning tool. Of course, listening to music while studying can sometimes be a distraction or a confusion, if you are trying to learn particular words or sentences. So often, experts recommend listening to music without words, for example Classical music or Jazz.

Do your homework in a new location

If you are always studying in the same place or environment, it can get a bit boring. So try changing this by going to a library or a park / play ground or even a coffee shop. The change of environment will help stimulate you brain and enhance your learning experience, making it more enjoyable. Your brain connects your studying to the environment that you are in, so the more connections you make with your brain, the more your chances of remembering what you learnt.

Learn from the Television

Watching too much television, isn’t always the best advice to give someone. However, if used productively, you can learn English while watching useful Television shows or Channels. So if you are into comedies, Sci-Fi or American Series, here is a list of some good series/sitcoms to watch for different reasons:

or you can also do an online search for movies and films that can help you learn the English Language, without getting bored.

Get an English learning App on your phone

Many people habitually use their phones wherever they are, either to chat, browse Facebook or Text messages, so why not use it to learn? The British Councils website offers a list of various ‘Mobile Learning’ Apps to help you improve your English. Here and here :

Write on a Blog page or start your own

This one is simple, spend a little time writing a few sentences on various topics, for example, what your day was like? What you learnt in class or from your friends? Once you become more confident in writing more and more each day or each week, start your own blog. There are tons of blog sites you can register on and just…start writing.

You do not have to necessarily publish the blog to the public, you can also write on blog pages privately, sort of like your own online diary. You can describe your hobbies, or interests in English, or even write a short story or a poem to begin with.

Last but not least…remember to speak…no matter how embarrassing it is or how shy you may be, speaking the language you learn is one of the best ways to learn it, and learn it fast. Make friends with English Speakers – Go ahead and Make it fun!

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